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Who Are We?

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Welcome to our corner of the internet, I am Falo, the CEO and owner of Gigajuicy.com. I manage the website and we are the officially authorized vendor by reputable brands and manufacturers like WM/YL/CLM etc. We have over 10 years of trading experience to ensure your happy shopping experience.

The Start

Growing up in China, where slimness is highly prized, I faced challenges accepting my appreciation for voluptuousness. Over time, I learned to embrace my unique tastes, much like the LGBTQIA community. However, during my time as a student in the UK, I encountered derogatory comments that labeled me a “chubby chaser.” It became evident that mainstream culture still struggles to accept and understand different body types.

Motivated by these experiences, I embarked on a mission to address the scarcity of options for individuals seeking BBW love dolls. Despite the vast array of dolls available, it remains challenging to find legitimate BBW dolls that cater to diverse preferences. This led me to create a dedicated space where like-minded individuals can connect with and appreciate the beauty of BBW love dolls.


What We Offer

Discreet Shipping

Industrial-standard secured plain box shipment. Preventing damage and no one knows what's inside.

Buyer Guarantee

Your 100% shopping satisfaction is the only purpose with our best-price and money-back policy.

Authorized Vendor

We are the officially authorized vendor from listed brands. We offer authentic anti-fake verification and 3rd party live verification by brands staff.

Doll Enthusiast

Selling is not the only thing we care. Research and enthuisiasm are our real passion.


SSL encryption and discreet Shopping. All branded sex dolls you purchased on here are 100% authentic ONLY. NO COUNTERFEIT HERE!


Advantage of being in the same place where manufacturers are. We can be your trusted local representative.

Top-level service

You get same access to all manufacturer service from like other store advertise. We know the game.

Our Commitment

  • Exclusive Thickness: Only dolls that appreciate thickness, We don’t sell irrelevant dolls, we FOCUS.
  • Keep you posted: Discovering exciting things around BBW dolls.
  • Your 100% Satisfaction: If you ever decide to purchase here, we will guard your end-to-end journey.  we can also provide you with free consultation on decision-making. An informed choice to withhold the purchase also makes a happy customer.
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