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Doll Care

Last Update on August 25, 2023
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As sex and companion being our genetic desire,  the dolls will play an important role of our life and we will not want them to break quickly. In a world where technology and human desire intermingle, sex dolls have transitioned from taboo curiosities to prominent fixtures in many homes. As the demand for these lifelike companions grows, so does the need for proper understanding of their storage and maintenance. Whether you own a high-quality silicone model or a specialized BBW sex doll, ensuring the longevity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of these complex creations requires more than a casual approach. This guide will embark on an exploratory journey into the intricate world of sex doll care, diving into the essential practices that encompass cleaning, preservation, and storage. The coming sections will offer comprehensive insights to equip both new enthusiasts and seasoned owners with the knowledge to maximize their investment and pleasure in these remarkable products.

How often should I clean my doll?

We recommend you clean your doll every 2-4 weeks. But it depends on the frequency of use. Excessive cleaning may cause damage to the doll.

In addition, it is necessary to clean your doll before its very first use to remove factory residue.

To avoid bacterial build-up. The doll’s vagina/penis should be cleaned after every sexual use. (We strongly recommend the removable vagina, because you don’t need to clean the whole doll when you are tired.)

What tool should I use?


Antibacterial soap

Light sponge

A second sponge cut up into smaller swabs

A non-abrasive drying cloth

Medical pincers

Strong paper towel

Talcum powder (baby powder)

(Each doll comes delivered with a small cleaning kit including a vaginal irrigator.)

Cleaning the body

We recommend that you wash the doll’s body and head/wig separately. In order to prevent the doll’s neck screws from rusting, it is better not to submerge the neck or head in water.

You can use antibacterial soap when washing the body, and dry it with a towel after washing.

For the vagina, inject mild antibacterial soap water into her canals with a sex doll vaginal irrigator, rinse the canals with clean water in a sex doll vaginal irrigator until all soap is removed. (If your doll doesn’t come with removable vagina.)

After wash, put your doll down and dry for an hour or two to make sure that most of the moisture has disappeared. Because the skin is more likely to tear and bruise while it is wet.

Finally, for the better experience it is important and necessary to apply talcum powder all over her body. Which will make her skin smoother and more scented.

Cleaning the face

By removing the doll’s head and wig, you can easily use a wet sponge with antibacterial soap to gently dap the face. You must be gentle, as you do not want to cause any unnecessary damage to the doll.

Only clean small sections of the doll’s head at once. It is important to keep the eyes dry, which is why you must not use too much water.

When you are happy with the cleanliness, you can leave the head to dry on its own accord. If it is still damp after a couple of hours, use a dry cloth to get rid of the moisture.

Cleaning the wig

The wig should be washed separately with a mild shampoo, and let it air dry, if you use a blow dryer you risk damaging the hair.

Cleaning the wig is very much like cleaning actual hair, and the process could not be easier. You will need standard hair cleaning products. For best results and to increase the longevity of the wig, we recommend using mild hair products.

Before you start the cleaning process, remove the wig from the doll. Clean the wig with shampoo and conditioner. Wash out all the shampoo and then leave to dry. For best results, place the wig on a stand if possible.

Dry the wig, using a comb, gently comb through, being careful of any knots. Pulling through the knots with too much pressure will damage the wig.


There are many ways to store your doll. In order to keep your doll in great condition. Here are some notes that you need to pay attention to:

Sunlight – too much sunlight will cause wear and tear to the TPE, causing the TPE to degrade faster than usual.

Dust – the skin of your doll will easily collect dust stick to it. We recommend storing the doll in a storage bag or in the original product box as dust can be extremely difficult to remove.

Ink – If you are to store the doll in a storage bag, please be careful regarding the colors. As the doll will be in the storage bag for long periods of time, colors are likely to transfer from the bag if the wrong material is used.

We recommend using a head Stand and hooks to hang your doll. Flight box and storage sofa is a good way to store your doll if you want to keep it private. 

Caution with TPE material

While TPE being the most ideal material for our doll, they are specifically fragile to certain objects, please be aware of the mentioned below:

Using any old expired cleaning agent- There are certain cleaning products that will have a negative reaction to TPE. Antibacterial soap is recommended. If you are unsure about a cleaning agent, please contact us before using it.

Keep away from sharp objects – TPE is a very delicate material, which can tare easily. When storing or cleaning the doll, keep away from anything sharp.

Keep the head above water – as there are sections on the doll’s face that need to remain dry, the head must never be fully submerged underwater.

Dry with care – TPE can easily tare when drying. As the TPE will be warmer than usual, please take extra care, as the material is more susceptible at this temperature. Only use a dry cloth for drying, remembering not to apply too much pressure.

It is very important that your doll dries naturally. Under no circumstances should any electric air dryer be used as this will damage the doll.

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