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Last Update on October 25, 2023
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Purchasing a Premium Sex Doll requires careful consideration as it is not just a sex toy but a long-term investment. At GigaJuicy Sex Doll Shop, we understand the significance of this decision, which is why we offer our customers a Buyer Guarantee to ensure they receive only the highest quality sex dolls in the desired condition for the money’s worth.

Content of Guarantee

  1. 100% Authentic Guarantee: In an industry plagued by unscrupulous suppliers and photoshopped certificates, we stand as an international and professional adult doll vendor/distributor. All dolls available on our website are 100% authentic, and we can work with designated brands for 3-way verification.

  2. 100% Money Back Guarantee: If your doll arrives faulty or does not match the description, we offer a replacement or a full refund. Our money-back guarantee ensures a simple and hassle-free resolution. Please refer to our money-back guarantee policy for further details.

  3. Best Price Guarantee: As our sex dolls are produced and shipped directly from our cooperating manufacturers, we can offer the originally advertised quality dolls at the best prices. Our aim is to make the right dolls affordable for everyone, and if you find a better price on a qualifying item within 48 hours of purchase, we will refund 100% of the difference. Contact us to avail of our best price guarantee.

  4. Quality Control: Each GigaJuicy doll undergoes rigorous quality checks before leaving the factory. This includes thorough in-person inspection and testing to ensure your doll is shipping in pristine condition. We prioritize privacy-preserving packaging and guarantee secure logistics, making any damage or defect highly unlikely.

  5. Refund Faulty Dolls: We offer refunds exclusively for dolls with defects upon arrival. We request customers to thoroughly inspect their dolls upon delivery, reporting any complaints or dissatisfaction within 24 hours. When reaching out to us, please provide detailed information to assist us in addressing the issue. Refer to our Return Policy for more information.

What is not covered under the guarantee?

a. User Damage: Damage caused by users is not covered under the guarantee. We urge customers to handle their dolls with care and familiarize themselves with proper care instructions.

b. Used Dolls: Due to hygiene regulations, we cannot replace or refund any item that has been used.

c. Skin Imperfections: Since each doll is hand-crafted, slight differences in skin texture and appearance are normal and add to their unique character.  

d. Finger & Toe Nails: The nails are attached loosely to allow customization. In the event of detachment, you can easily reattach them using lash & nail glue.

e. Eyelashes: Each doll comes with a protective eye mask, and if any eyelashes become loose, they can be reattached using our safe glue.

f. Makeup Difference: As each doll’s makeup is manually applied, minor variations may occur. If you are unsatisfied, you can remove the makeup and apply your preferred style.

g. Customized Dolls: If you have specific requests or custom requirements, such as changes to skin color or other features, your doll is considered exclusively made for you. While we are open to discussing returns and refunds, automatic qualification for a full refund may not be guaranteed unless the doll is genuinely faulty or not as described/ordered. A restocking fee may be required for re-merchandizing purposes. Each case will be assessed individually.

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. If you encounter any issues with your order or product, please contact us at [email protected], and we will promptly address your concerns to provide a resolution.

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