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Guide to GIgaJuicy BBW Sex Doll Review Score

Last Update on March 16, 2024
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Are you looking for thick, fat, and BBW sex dolls?

But what defines “big”?

And what determines “fat”?

Sometimes it is very problematic to talk about these subjects as preferences vary among different people.

What's Review Score for?

As we specialize in BBW sex dolls, we would like to offer more convenience to our users.

Although the perception of “thickness” “good” can vary from person to person, our review score aims to provide you with a practical numerical representation of just how “Sexy and practical” a sex doll is.

In practice, these metrics tend to be very important especially for thicker sex dolls.

What's included in the score for BBW Sex Doll & Toy?

We use the following main metrics:

  • Curviness
  • Jiggleness
  • LHP.

How do we score CURVINESS?

We focus on the “Classic”  three sexy body parts: Breasts, Ass, and Thighs, and we use the waist as the foundation to calculate the ratio, so here we go:

  • Breast=(Breast size – Waist size)/Waist Size *10
  • Ass=(Ass size – Waist size)/Waist Size *10
  • Thigh=Thigh circumference/Waist Size *10

The maximum score is 10 while the lowest is 0. 

The Curviness score=the average of the above three scores;

If the object is a torso lacking breast, thigh or butt, we will exclude the absent body part scoring;

Cirviness does not relate to realism, sometimes they go in separate direction at the extreme.

How do we score Jiggliness?

This part will be depending on visual feedback so it could be subjective.

We will check the jiggliness of Breasts, Ass and thighs. 

We will use the jiggliness of EXTRA SOFT YL 158 Booty Queen as benchmark as score 10 for the below body parts:

Sex Doll Boobs:

Huge titty bounce YL158 Clips review

Sex Doll Ass:

Fat Ass Bounce YL158 Clips review 3

Sex Doll Thigh:

Fat thigh bounch YL158 Clips review 2

While reviewing some dolls/toys lacking these body parts by nature, we will exclude those parts.

We give 40% scoring weight to the tits/ass and 20% to the thighs.

How do we score LHP?

LHP is a very broad topic but here in our review, we aim to primarily measure the ease of the vaginal entry in the Standing doggy position of the reviewed sex doll. 

To replicate the issue on paper, we will take reference from the vertical distance between the doll’s thickest thigh/ass meat end to the entry of the vaginal cavity. 

Take the below picture as an example:

LHP gap distance

The farther the distance, the lower the score. From score 0 to 10:

  • Below 1 inch: 10
  • Over 5 inches: 1
  • Unless the holes themselves are not workable we would not rate LHP 0.

Here is another question, why do we set the benchmark to 5 inches? Well, we believe the global average is 5 inches. This should make our review relate to the majority.

Please note that the LHP score only relates to the vaginal doggy position. A lower LHP score doesn’t mean it’s not possible to penetrate the doll. In most cases, there are a lot of other positions and holes that work with a doll with a lower LHP score!

Depending on the reviewed products we may also consider other factors, such as holes being too small or rigid to use. 

If exists, the other factors would take no more than 40% weight of the overall LHP score.

How do we calculate the final score?

At, our scoring system aim to rate the BBW sex dolls based on our philosophy of “bigger the better.” 

Curviness holds the highest weightage in our scoring system, accounting for 50% of the total score. We believe that the curves and voluptuousness of the sex dolls contribute to their appeal and desirability.

Jiggliness is also taken into consideration in our scoring system. However, as achieving jiggliness can be challenging and limited to certain options, we have slightly reduced its weightage to 30%.

Lastly, we assign 20% weightage to LHP. LHP tends to be poor on thicker dolls we don’t want it to drag down the overall score too much!

The range of each score is 0 to 10. If a score exceeds 10, it will be 10.

Founder's Note

It’s important to note that our scoring system is based on our own perspectives and preferences. We acknowledge and respect the diversity of sexual preferences, understanding that different individuals may have varying opinions and preferences.

The scoring system only covers limited fundamentals like body metrics and If necessary, we will add other details depending on the nature of the products.

We hope that our scoring system can assist individuals who share the same passion for thick and curvy sex dolls in making informed decisions.

What to do next?

After learning about how we score our review on sex dolls, you may feel like checking out our dedicated sex doll reviews

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