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In-Depth Review of WM Cleaning Machine For Sex Dolls

Last Update on January 14, 2024
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Video In-Depth Review

Introducing the WM Cleaning Machine: A Game Changer for Sex Doll Owners

Dealing with cavity cleaning can be a tedious and inevitable task for all doll owners. Even if you solely use your doll for its aesthetic appeal, it’s crucial to take preventive measures against internal mold! XD

After searching for information on the WM Cleaning Machine, I was left unsatisfied until I finally got my hands on one. Determined to share my experience, I created a video from my perspective, hoping it would be of great help to all of you!

In this video, we will delve into various aspects, including:

  • Machine Hardware
  • Machine Control Panel Testing
  • Cleaning Process Testing
  • Customizing a Fleshlight for Testing Cavity Cleaning
  • Issues We Found While Operating
  • The Benefits vs Irrigator
  • Real Experience Advice

Join me on this journey as we uncover the potential of the WM Cleaning Machine and how it can revolutionize the doll ownership experience. 


Cleaning machine Unbloxing image cleaning machine

The Box comes with the following items:

1, The Machine Box

2, The Cleaning Jet

3, Water Inlet Tube

4, User Manual

5, Drying Stick

6, Power Adapter

The machine cover is decorated with a brushed metal texture, with a water Inlet & Outlet and a power cable (for the Jet) on top. The backside is filled with simplified instructions and precautions. The power socket is located at the bottom.

Please note the machine is not waterproof.

The Jet has a spear-head to prevent air & water blockage. It is made of IP68 so feel free to immerse it in water.

The connecting heads of water Inlet & Outlet are designed with Pull Switch



Cleaning Machine Pull Up

Setup & Preparation for Testing

First, we tested the logic of the control panel. 

1, Washing: 1 thin string of water, pretty strong, splashing everywhere if you target something close

2, Drying: Blowing Air

3, Ultrasonic: Vibration 

4, UV: UV light in the middle

The pausing function is somewhat confusing as in pausing you won’t be able to stop the function of turn the machine off. You MUST resume that function and cancel it there.


We prepared two big 5.5L Bottles as suggested by the manual. We customized a cavity and used protein conditioner to make it “dirty”!


Cleaning machine Bottle of water
Cleaning machine Protein

Start Cleaning

We had several failed attempt due to blocked tubes.




Cleaning machine Tube blockage explode


Cleaning machine Corrected position

Straightened Tubes

Cleaning machine Explode 2

Accidentally blocking the tube again while trying to switch the cavity upside-down

First wash result

Cleaning machine 1st wash result

It’s obviously washed but not completely clean.

If we placed the bottle upside-down or placed it flat horizontally (like how a doll’s cavity is in reality), the result would have been better.


Cleaning machine Enjoy your life
Cleaning machine Irrigator

The slogan of the machine is “Enjoy Your Life”. This is very sweet!

The Machine is no doubt better than an irrigator. 1 cycle of washing will consume 5.5 L of water and an irrigator contains less than 200ml. There is an obvious labor difference. 

400$ could be expensive but compared to dolls, it is a good side investment.

However, you will not want to touch the machine or even the irrigator if there is a breakage in your doll. You will never want rusted skeleton due to water leakage.

Do not block the tube otherwise the cavity will explode or the Jet will be pushed out of the cavity.

Do read the user manual and safety instructions. They are super simple and important.

It may not be as effective if you know where and how to clean a doll. But For what it offers (Wash, Dry, Disinfect) in one place, it is worth the peace of mind.

You can check out this cleaning machine here.

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