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API EXPO Shanghai 2024 Adult Sex Doll Show Edition

Last Update on April 21, 2024
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API EXPO Video Report

What is Shanghai API EXPO?

The Shanghai API Expo is the leading event for the adult entertainment industry in Shanghai, China. This highly anticipated expo brings together professionals, manufacturers, distributors, and enthusiasts to showcase the latest products, services, and innovations in the adult entertainment market. With a diverse range of exhibitor booths, attendees can explore everything from sex dolls and toys to lingerie, accessories, and technological advancements. The expo also features informative seminars, workshops, and panel discussions covering market trends and business strategies. Showcasing a vibrant atmosphere with live demonstrations and performances, the Shanghai API Expo offers a unique opportunity to connect, explore, and indulge in the world of adult entertainment.

What We Do Here?

Meeting with cooperating brands, finding new interesting stuff, and also discovering everything around sex dolls. Eventually, we found doll related business to be a very small proportion, we still find some interesting things to share.

The show is spread across three floors. As you pass through the main entrance, you will notice the gate leading to the main hall. On the right-hand side, you will see the elevator to the second floor. Right now, our goal is to join the crowd and make our way into the main hall. After the greeting from the beautiful showgirls, we start our journey to find sex doll manufacturers. However, it’s not an easy task as there are many distractions, including interesting gadgets, toys, and girls.

CST Doll

The first doll company we came across was the famous low-priced Chinese domestic silicon doll company, CST Doll. What caught our eye in their booth was a robot girl greeting the passing crowd. It may be basic and funny, but it serves its purpose. Their dolls are gathered in a circle at the center of the booth, attracting a lot of attention. All their models cater to the Chinese market with an Asian skinny style. There isn’t much new here.

Realing Doll

The second doll company we encountered is Realing. It’s evident that they specialize in male dolls. Just take a look at the number of masculine bodybuilder dolls present in their booth. These dolls with muscular bodies look great. Additionally, they have a figurine section in the corner, which adds to their collection nicely. Same style like their guangzhou Expo. Rumor said they were formerly associated with Qita Doll, not sure if it’s true.

JY Doll

Next, we came across JYdoll As usual, their dolls are catered to the Asian market and have a typical Asian look. While some dolls are relatively curvy, they all have a limited range when it comes to thickness. We didn’t notice anything particularly new at JY

Duai Torso Doll

, but we did find some interesting items with their torso subsidiary brand, DUAI. It’s worth noting that DUAI is pronounced using Chinese pinyin, not English. Anyways, they have an impressive collection of curvy torsos with big boobs and butts. They even showcase two huge butts torso sex toy, which constantly shock the crowd as most locals have never seen such large butts. Not bad!

They also got something special for foot fetish, the vajankle sex toys, making the crowd scream once in a while! Crazy!

YouQu Doll

Next, we discovered YOUQU, another Chinese pinyin brand, a well-known budget OEM brand that showcases their dolls and torsos. The dolls they have chosen for the show mostly follow an Asian style, featuring petite and skinny designs. Personally, I find it a bit generic, and they mainly sell domestically without their own international brand. There isn’t much more to explore here.

YSR Doll

Moving on, we found YSR doll, another sex doll company solely focused on the domestic market. They have some dolls standing against the wall and gathered in the middle of the booth. As usual, they have beautiful Asian faces. One mini doll in particular caught our eyes. a bit creepy for the lighting, isn’t it? They are also showcasing their selection of torsos in different sizes, which is pretty standard.

Aisle Side Hall (No Sex Doll)

I cover this only because I found the setup interesting. This is the aisle on the 2nd floor. It tells the story so many vendors are trying to squeeze in. Here, we see the entrance to the main hall, the elevator to the third floor, and the aisle hall. As we walked down the aisle, we found mostly small companies offering toys and components. Some dildo and torso companies were also present. Take a look at this Godzilla dildo, it’s truly a work of art. I remember this company bringing the same one to the Guangzhou Expo half a year ago.

AW Doll

 Soon, we find our first doll company on the second floor, the brand AW. They mentioned that they are just starting their doll business to test the waters. They have a thick doll in the booth, but it’s evident that they have not yet planned for globalization. We wish them success.

Liyu (Domestic Name, No Global Brand)

Another new doll company trying to test the waters has no English name, only the Chinese name 鲤鱼. I don’t find anything particularly special about their dolls, but I also wish them success.

Aizhimei Doll

Next, we come across the famous budget brand, Aizhimei, known for its competitive prices. They are showcasing their auto-blowjob function to draw attention. Stories have been told about them moving large volumes at very low margins, which puts pressure on other brands. I hope this benefits consumers, but I’m skeptical if it will truly benefit the market in the long run. They don’t have many new things since the Guangzhou Expo, so there’s nothing more to explore here.


Moving on, we find the famous Elsababe. Their booth is filled with everything cartoonish. There are two cute girls on the sofa for photography, more anime dolls in the middle of the booth, and many anime hentai erotic packages spread out everywhere. I’m sure the crowd is very excited. Most of their dolls tend to be petite and small, but they do have one giant-booba girl with an Asian style. You can tell by the design of her skinny legs. Everyone has their own taste, but personally, I prefer a thicker balanced lower body if they have such big booba.

Jinsan (Owner of WM, Angel Kiss,,YL Doll)

Finally, we spot our old friend Jinsan, who ows WM, YL, and Angel Kiss. Their anime dolls are becoming more dominant in the domestic market, so they have a strong presence in the booth. They also showcase their silicone Angel Kiss series and STPE dolls. STPE actually feels quite nice.

The real highlight that sets Jinsan apart from all doll companies in the show is their attempt to incorporate robotic features. According to their beautiful boss, Mis Liu, they have invested a lot in hiring a group of doctors to develop these functions. It’s interesting to see the direction they are taking with their prototypes. First, they have integrated a facial expression system. It’s basic and even a little weird, but you can see the concept. Second, they have added eye tracking to the head, using a dildo as an example, making the head highly interactive. Third, they have developed a cavity device filled with sensors and motors. You can control functions like suction through the app, and you can also connect this device to the head and body for an integrated experience. They have also developed a gaming app for VR interactions. It’s still a bit buggy at times, but it looks promising.

Dolls Castle & SE Doll

Right next to Jinsan, we find Dolls Castle, a great brand for distinguishing body types. They showcase their cat doll, six-boob doll, and they even brought their new 153 thick thigh silicone doll, which they converted with a dinosaur tail and a beautiful alien head. This is their first alien head in silicon. Crazy, right? But man, these gel big silicone butts feel so soft! SE Doll is sharing their booth, but there’s only one doll there, so there’s not much to comment on. 


Xinshangren Sex Doll Franchising

Before finishing the second floor, we find another booth with dolls, but they are not doll manufacturers or vendors. They are guys sell franchising for sex doll experience stores.


The third floor is huge, full of smaller companies. Among all the small booths, we found this company doing domestic customization business. One of their doll reminds me of someone really famous. Can’t say!

Evas Doll

The other company is another new doll brand, Evasdoll, testing the waters. They are solely advertising their smart sensors that will be available in six months, which are not present at the booth. We wish them success.

The Rest

In this entire expo, it’s surprising that out of all these hundreds of companies, we only find around 10 booths focusing on dolls. There aren’t many booths for torso toys either. The show is floodedwith toys, accessories, clothing, and supplements. It is dominated by female-oriented products and male masturbators. Kind of bummer for doll lovers but not bad to learn what’s going on in Adult sex entertain industry on this land. 

The most innovative company is Jinsan in the show making their effort toward robotic functions. Though I personally believe the distance is still far to the future but am very impressed by the vision and willingness of Mis Liu, the boss of Jinsan company. Great female-led company in this sex doll love doll indulstry. Hope Elon Musk really think of her when getting into robots for adult entertainment, sex or companionship both should work.  

I’m suprised you finished reading this article! Wow please receive my personal thanks. Make sure to check the video too! Hope you find this report useful!

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