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Mini Horse Silicon Sex Doll Review – CLM Si60 – Curvy BBW Figurine

Last Update on March 28, 2024
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Horse Sex Doll Video

Review Score: 4.7/10

The score only emphasizes part of the doll’s features. The number of the score does not relate to ALL QUALITY. See how we calculate our scores for sex doll in our review

Overall Curviness Jiggliness LHP

Curviness Score: 5/10

Breast: 3/10 

Ass: 5/10

Thigh: 9/10

Total: 5/10

*This score only means this doll has a medium, balanced, realistic anatomy. It does not mean it’s not curvy!!

Jiggliness Score: 2/10

Breast: 1/10

Ass: 1/10

Thigh: 1/10

Extra +1 point: Tail

Total: 2/10

Lol, its not fair for the small size. But we need to be fair on jiggliness!

LHP Score: 8/10

The Vag is pretty much totally exposed so there is nothing that can stop you from penetrating the hole. However, the hole is small and short. It may be hard to go balls deep. 8/10 for LHP.

Horse Silicon Sex Doll Introduction

CLM Curvy Figurine-Si60 H Maureen(Suntan)15

Introducing the Horse Doll love Figurine sex toy by Climax Doll! This compact and versatile sex doll features exquisite details, including a horse-themed design with a glossy finish and silver-white hair. The body showcases meticulous craftsmanship, with defined shoulder blades, a well-defined waistline, and subtle details like back dents and elbow and knee bumps.

Customizable options include alternative heads, customizable makeup, and different skin tones. The doll’s sturdy skeleton allows for easy maneuverability, and while it lacks significant jiggliness, the tail offers delightful movement.

This Horse figurine is configured with:
-Suntan Skin Color
-Horse Head
-Implanted hair

In this review, we will continue our key aspects: curviness, jiggles, and LHP (Love hole placement).  Smaller dolls maybe naturally weak in singleness but strong in LHP

By walking through this review, we will share our findings to help you understand the options in choosing your doll with more confidence.


Mini BBW Curviness (5/10)



Hip Width17cmVagina(Vaginal sex only)12cm
Upper chest39cmArm Length25cm
Under chest24cmLeg Length34cm
Shoulder16cmHip Depth10cm

Talking about measurements, this little Horse Doll Figurine stands at 60cm in height, with a chest size of 39cm, a waist measurement of 29cm, a hip width of 43cm, and a thigh circumference of 25cm. These measurements result in the following body ratios: a bust to waist ratio of 1.3, a butt to waist ratio of 1.5, and a thigh-to-waist ratio of approximately 0.9.

In terms of proportions, the doll’s curvy body figure is not as exaggerated as some of the love dolls we have reviewed in the past. Instead, it presents a more balanced and realistic anatomy, excluding its distinct horse features. The width of the hip measures 17cm when viewed from the front, while the depth of the hip measures 10cm when viewed from the side.

Overall, this Horse Doll Figurine offers a unique combination of curviness and proportionality, providing a realistic and aesthetically pleasing physique that captures the essence of a horse while maintaining a sense of balance.

The overall curviness score of this doll is 5/10. Not exaggerated, medium curvy.

Jiggliness Test (2/10)

It’s unfair to compare such small doll in jiggliness with YL158, but we need to do it! Not much to comment, you can see how small mini sex doll, particular the silicon doll would be inferior in jiggliness.

Breasts Jiggliness

Jiggle gif material Horse 60 clm(1) breast
BW82 Gel Breast
Huge titty bounce YL158 Clips review
Extra Soft YL158 Gel Breast

Ass Jiggliness

Jiggle gif material Horse 60 clm(3)
Fat Ass Bounce YL158 Clips review 3
Extra Soft YL158

Thigh Jiggliness

Jiggle gif material Horse 60 clm Thigh
Fat thigh bounch YL158 Clips review 2
Extra Soft YL158

Tail Jiggliness

The Tail is really jiggling and we can’t ignore it and we need to give it +1 score! It is a funny thing on a sex doll!

Jiggle gif material Horse 60 clm(2) tail

Sex Doll LHP Test (2/10)

This Horse mini sex doll only has 1 vagina love hole, the access is very easy but it again feels hard for a 4-inch girth dildo, and the tunnel is only 12cm deep, that is less than 5inch the international average, this will make a lot of guys concerned!

So we gave it 8/10 for LHP access!

There are something interesting about the LHP labia in labia design. CLM claimed this has to do with mold limitations.

LHP in Labia CLm Horse

Endoscope Test

There is only 1 hole on this figruine sex doll so this section will be very simple

Sex Doll Vagina Cavity

When it comes to the Vagina design, the Horse Doll Figurine by Climax Doll emphasise providing a straightforward and simplistic experience, particularly when it comes to the vaginal design. The love hole of this horse sex doll features a no-frills approach, prioritizing practicality and ease of use.

The vaginal cavity of the Horse Doll Figurine embraces a simplistic design that ensures a genuine and immersive encounter. While it may not be fancy, big, or long enough, this straightforward approach allows for effortless cleaning and maintenance, making it a convenient choice.

Sex Doll Pros and Cons


  • Rich in detail for a love doll in such mini size
  • Easy to use as a masturbater
  • Easy to Store
  • Adding the skeleton function, clothing and customization options this doll has a high potential for decoration
  • Easy to stand or Sit
  • Descent curviness 


  • A chubby fat doll that doesn’t jiggle
  • Only best stored in a Sitting or hanging position (with M8 hook)
  • Clothing is hard to find.
  • Visible Seams 
  • Implanted hair needs extra caution against tangling.

The Verdict

CLM Curvy Figurine-Si60 H Maureen(Suntan)13

Considering buying this doll?

This Horse figurine mini chubby doll by Climax doll feels like a very solid, silicon penetrable sexy gadget, Personally, I hope it can be more jiggly but I understand the technical difficulty. The love hole may be a little short and small for everyone but at least it can be a customizable good home decoration piece.

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