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Thick BBW Amazonian – WM173 TPE Sex Doll Review – Gel Breast

Last Update on April 24, 2024
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Sex Doll Video

Sex Doll Uncensored Video

Sex Doll Review Score: 7.4/10

Overall Curviness Jiggliness LHP

Curviness Score: 8.4/10

Breast: 8/10 

Ass: 8/10

Thigh: 10/10

Total: 8.4

Jiggliness Score: 8/10

Breast: 10/10

Ass: 6/10


Total: 8

LHP Score: 4/10

We measured the LHP distance around 3 inches, so we give 4/10 to this.

Review Background

Thanks to Jinsan Factory for us to get this WM173 hands-on review!

This doll body was first introduced by WM in the market in 2019.  She’s got an impressive body height of 173cm or 5 ft 7, making her one of the tallest sex dolls out there. But that’s not all.  She’s got defined abs, long thick legs, and huge feminine body parts. It’s the perfect mix of femininity and power, just like the perceived myth of Amazons.

In this review, we took a closer look at its three key aspects: curviness, jiggles, and LHP (Love hole placement). 

We also got an EXTRA SOFT version WM173 doll for comparison! It’s important to remember that sex dolls offer a high level of customization, and standards may differ between brands. Even for the same model from a specific brand, various customization options, like the TPE’s softness level or the type of breast chosen, can significantly influence the overall review outcome.

By walking through this review, we will share our findings to help you understand the options in choosing your doll with more confidence.

Here’s a breakdown of the options configurated on the YL153 for this review:

  • Light tan Skin
  • Standard Softness TPE (and an Extra soft version for comparison)
  • EVO Skeleton
  • Standing Feet
  • Wired Fingers
  • Gel Breasts
  • The brown areola (customized 5cm) and vagina
  • Natural Color Nails

Again, we have excluded the electronic features and we will be concentrating solely on the body and will forego discussing the doll’s head. 

Sex Doll Body Curviness


  • Material: TPE
  • Height: 5 ft 8 in. / 173 cm
  • Net Weight 45kgs / 99lbs
  • Full Bust: 100cm / 39.37 inch
  • Under Bust: 65cm / 25.59 inch
  • Waist: 59cm / 23.23 inch
  • Hips: 110cm / 43.31 inch
  • Foot Length: 22cm / 8.66 inch
  • Thigh Girth: 63cm / 24.8 inch
  • Calf Girth: 32cm / 12.6 inch
  • Leg Length: 53cm / 20.87 inch
  • Arm Length: 45cm / 17.72 inch
  • Shoulder Breadth: 28cm / 11.02 inch
  • Packaging Size: 160*43*35 cm
  • Vaginal Depth: 18cm / 7.09 inch
  • Oral Depth: 12cm / 4.72 inch
  • Anal Depth: 16cm / 6.3 inch

When it comes to sex dolls, the size of the breasts often garners attention. However, the significance of saggy and long boobs goes beyond just their measurements. The sag and length convey a sense of maturity and fertility, which goes really well with the Amazonian Image.

The bulging and protruding hip area of this doll is sure to catch your attention. It showcases the strong muscles of the buttocks, which not only create an alluring aesthetic but also imply strength and power. Additionally, these well-defined buttocks can be associated with fertility, further enhancing the doll’s appeal. The combination of a curvaceous hip and powerful buttocks adds a captivating element to the doll’s overall physique.

We would like to go a little off our review guidelines as we believe a 8/10 would be more appropriate than a 7/10 if only measured by paper data.

The thigh on this doll is not only thicker than the waist but also appears exceptionally thick due to its length and the significant proportion it occupies on the torso. This feature contributes to the doll’s overall curviness and creates a visually appealing aesthetic. The well-defined and substantial thigh adds to the doll’s allure, emphasizing its voluptuous and sensual appeal.

The overall curviness score of this doll is 8.4/10.

WM173 sex doll ass width measurement
WM173 sex doll ass depth measurement

We also checked The horizontal width of the booty, when you look straight at the front side or back side, is 16 inches. And when you look from the sideways, the depth of the ass is 10 inches

It’s worth noting that despite the similar measurements to the YL153 doll (see the review here), this particular doll’s buttocks exhibit a distinct difference. The buttocks of this doll have a sharper and more pronounced appearance, with a noticeable sticking-out effect. In contrast, the YL153 doll tends to have a rounder and more spread-out feature. This variation in buttock shape adds to the uniqueness and individuality of each doll, allowing for a diverse range of preferences and aesthetics.

Jiggliness Test (8/10)

We tested both standard and extra-soft TPE WM173 sex dolls at the same time. Because of the defective ass on the Extra soft WM173, we skipped its ass test.

Breasts Jiggliness

Unsensor WM173 Titty Jiggle For gif1
WM173 Gel Breast
Unsensor WM173 Titty Jiggle Extra sfot gif(1)
Extra Soft WM173 Gel Breast
Huge titty bounce YL158 Clips review
Extra Soft YL158 Gel Breast

The WM173’s sex doll titties are huge and saggy enough to be very jiggly in Standard TPE already. The extra soft does not significantly boost the jiggliness.

Compared to the YL158, the jiggliness is on the same level, if not better.f

Score 10.

Ass Jiggliness

Unsensor WM173 ass clap gif(11)
WM173 Normal TPE
Fat Ass Bounce YL158 Clips review 3
Extra Soft YL158

The WM173 Extra Soft is defective in the ass. It is flattened due to extended storage on a hard surface. So we were not able to test its ass.

The Ass clapping in a standing position is achievable but not so easy. Despite its prominent, out-sticking buttocks, this sex doll ass cracks are shallow. Apart from this, the ass shake is not rigid, not too bad, a medium sized butt. 

Score 6 for the standard TPE.

Thigh Jiggliness

Unsensor WM173 thigh Jiggle gif
Normal WM173
Unsensor WM173 thigh jiggle Extra soft gif(2)
Extra Soft WM173
Fat thigh bounch YL158 Clips review 2
Extra Soft YL158

The thigh on this doll is huge, Jiggliness is not too far away even compared to YL158. The longer thigh proportion really helped provide more jiggliness. However, the thigh girth is not as huge as on YL158, thus lacking the mass of the girth. I would rate the standard TPE 8/10 for thigh jiggliness.

In total, the Jiggliness Score of this curvy sex doll: 8/10.

Sex Doll LHP Test (4/10)

WM173 sex doll LHP 1
WM173 sex doll LHP 2
WM173 sex doll LHP measurement

We discovered a fact that the flattened ass actually makes the sex doll LHP worse! It pushes back the pass crack!

Sex doll defective LHP pushed backward (1) WM173

LHP could be a subjective thing, we believe the distance between this Standard non-defective sex doll’s love hole to the farthest end of thigh/ass where your movement is blocked during doggy, is 3 inches. This gives a score of LHP 4/10.

Endoscope Test

Endoscope vag cavity photo sex doll
End of Vag Tunnel
Endoscope anal cavity photo sex doll
End of Anal Tunnel

The vaginal tunnel is the same as usual, with dots and textures on the walls that end with a trace of mold. The anal tunnel is a bit shorter and smoother at the end. So, there’s nothing new or different to discover here.

Sex Doll Pros and Cons


  • Potentially the best sex doll has these features at the same time: Tall, thick, curvy, and athletic with clear abs definition. 
  • The Slim waist helped reduce weight for such a big bust/butt-sized sex doll.
  • Sex Doll Tits are really big and saggy, very mature and fertile .
  • Standard TPE is more durable, and in this doll’s case, jiggliness is not bad.
  • Great for boobsmen.


  • The ass crack is shallow despite the out-sticking buttock design.
  • Not a “fat” doll, lacking abdomen fat and waist being too slim.
  • LHP is better than YL158 yet still challenging
  • The length of the sex doll torso may be inconvenient to carry for shorter users
  • Some assmen may find the booty small.

The Verdict

Head198 Light Tan WM curvy Doll 173H 6-(1)

Considering buying this doll?

This WM173 sex doll truly stands out among the curvier dolls in the market. She’s got a tallest height, defined abs, long thick legs, and huge feminine body parts. It’s the perfect mix of femininity and power, just like the perceived myth of Amazons.

Talking about jiggliness, this doll does a good job with the standard softness TPE as you can see in our review. So opting for extra softness will not make a big difference, we would recommend sticking with the standard softness TPE for peace of mind with better durability and factory warranty.

Jiggliness is ok even with Standard TPE.

LHP is more acceptable and worth giving a try for doggy.

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