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All dolls at Gigajuicy are provided with high-quality synthetic wigs that can be removed for styling, cleaning, or full replacement with any commercial wig. When brushing a long wig it is best to use a metal brush or comb and start brushing small sections close to the hair tips. Brush out sections of hair about 3 inches from the ends until they are smooth and gradually work your way up the wig towards the “scalp”. This will avoid tangling the wigs. Synthetic fiber wigs are easier to maintain than human hair wigs.  You may also purchase a loop bristle wig brush from your local beauty supply store, which is excellent to have on hand.  This brush with the loop bristles will not catch on the tangles, rather they will release from the tangle, reducing the risk of tearing out the hairs and damaging the wig.

Updated on July 20, 2022
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