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Unboxing Mega Curvy TPE Sex Doll Torso – CLM BW82 Review

Last Update on March 14, 2024
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BW82 Sex Doll Video

Sex Doll Uncensored Video

Sex Doll Review Score: 7.4/10

Overall Curviness Jiggliness LHP

Curviness Score: 10/10

Breast: 10/10 

Ass: 10/10

Total: 10

Jiggliness Score: 6/10

Breast: 7/10

Ass: 5/10

Total: 6

LHP Score: 2/10

BW82 SBBW Sex Doll Introduction

Climax Doll (CLM) first introduced this Giant TPE Torso Sex Doll in December 2024. According to CLM, this model is inspired by their 72cm BBW sex doll, so this doll is supposedly a scaled-up version of that mini BBW doll.

BW82 has a 52-inch butt, and a 46-inch upper bust, The waist is 27 inches on paper but what’s funny about this doll is the under bust is 22 which is way smaller than the waist.

Here’s a breakdown of the options configurated on the BW82 for this review:

  • Suntan Skin
  • CLM Standard TPE (no, they don’t do extra soft)
  • Built-in skeleton
  • Gel Breasts
  • Natural color areola and vagina
  • fixed vagina (Hey why do you even consider the other option on a torso sex doll?)

Again, we have excluded the electronic features and we will be concentrating solely on the body and will forego discussing the doll’s head. Technically, this fat sex doll torso is compatible with CLM’s Ultra and Pro heads.

In this review, we will continue our key aspects: curviness, jiggles, and LHP (Love hole placement). We will also check CLM’s premium package technology (Injected foam) and sex doll endoscope.

By walking through this review, we will share our findings to help you understand the options in choosing your doll with more confidence.

Fat and Sexy Curviness


  •   Waist69cm(27.2in)
    Thickness26cm(10.2in)G.W43kg(95lbs) (45kg with injected foam)
    Shoulder33cm(13in)Carton Size74*53*34cm
    Upper Breast117cm(46in)  
    Lower Breast56cm(22in)  
    Vagina: 18cm, Anus: 15cm

This doll’s curviness is often underrated; in fact, it can only be described as monstrous. The sight of her perfect curves is truly mesmerizing, whether you’re looking at her from the front, side, or back. Her plump body exudes a sense of irresistible allure, making her an ideal choice for those who appreciate the beauty of a voluptuous figure.

If you have a fondness for fat love or adore a truly bootylicious experience, this doll is a dream come true. Her fat, chubby physique is a testament to her allure and sensuality. With every glance, she captivates and entices, fulfilling fantasies that only a truly curvaceous sex doll can provide. Explore the world of pleasure with this irresistible BBW love doll.

Are you in search of a BBW doll that embodies the essence of real beauty? Look no further. This doll torso showcases the perfection of a BBW figure. with an array of sex dolls for sale, this BBW doll is a testament to the beauty and diversity of humongous body types, ensuring that there is a perfect match for size worship!

This doll does not have thighs, which has its own good and bad, we will skip it for now.

The overall curviness score of this doll is 10/10.

BW82 19 inches wide ass from the front
BW82 side 16 inches thickness

We also checked The horizontal width of the booty, when you look straight at the front side or back side, is 19 inches. And when you look from the sideways, the depth of the ass is 14 inches. These numbers are much greater than many other full-sized dolls.

The titties on this doll are truly remarkable, with a width that matches the impressive size of the booty. It’s truly mind-boggling to see how wide they are, measuring a staggering 19 inches in their naturally hanging position. This proportion is nothing short of extraordinary and adds to the doll’s overall allure and visual appeal.

Jiggliness Test (5/10)

Breasts Jiggliness

unsensor BW82 jiggle
BW82 Gel Breast
Huge titty bounce YL158 Clips review
Extra Soft YL158 Gel Breast

The huge gel boobs on this TPE doll are so heavy and for safety, we kept the sex doll titty drop in a smaller range. 

It does jiggle, and the size and weight help with achieving more bounces but it is not as soft, it doesn’t shape-change as other softer materials.

We say a 7/10 for the breasts.

Ass Jiggliness

unsensor BW82(1) Jiggle
Fat Ass Bounce YL158 Clips review 3
Extra Soft YL158

The Ass clapping is not achievable but not so easy.  It is on a firmer side so we give 5/10 for the ass jiggle.

In total, we give 5/10 for this torso TPE sex doll.

Sex Doll LHP Test (2/10)

BW82 doggy LHP

This torso doll is designed without a thigh stump, allowing for unobstructed penetration without any hindrance from thick legs or a big booty ass crack.

However, it is worth noting that when the doll is placed lying on its tummy, the visibility of the vagina hole is significantly reduced. Those giant breasts could be the biggest contributor to this as they push the upper body up so the ass goes down!

On a positive note, the quality of the holes themselves on this fat sex doll is commendable. 

For the functionality of the holes, we were only giving this doll a 1/10, but consider it a torso, and arching the back or positioning the doll at the edge of a bed can potentially help access the anal opening more easily, we want to conclude 2/10 on this torso sex doll’s LHP

Endoscope Test

The cavities on this TPE sex doll look different from the ones we found in our earlier reviews on YL/WM love dolls. 

Sex Doll Vagina Cavity

BW82 Vaginal cavity 2
End of Vag Tunnel
BW82 Vaginal cavity 1
A bit before the end, a big tentacle

The design of this TPE sex doll vagina tunnel on this doll is very unique with dots and tentacles. What sets it apart is the absence of any visible molding, giving it a clean and sturdy appearance. 

Sex Doll Anal Cavity

There is complex textures at the end of the doll’s anal cavity, like an art.

BW82 Anal cavity 2

And before reaching this end point of doll’s anal cavity, there are lot of variations of textures on the side wall, like below:

BW82 Anal cavity
Anal Texture 1: Tentacles
BW82 Anal cavity 3
Anal Texture 2: Blade

These are very interesting to observe and given the chance, we will see if this pattern persists on CLM TPE dolls.

Sex Doll Pros and Cons


  • Probably the biggest torso TPE sex doll with over 46 inches of gel breast.
  • The incredible measurements with the slim waist make the doll’s curvy monstrous.
  • Torso doll is relatively easier to maneuver.
  • Great for boobsmen.
  • CLM’s good value for money.


  • The ass crack is shallow which doesn’t clap. Assmen will be sad.
  • LHP is front-facing.
  • It is very heavy, and the absence of legs feels less area to grab onto.
  • Titties’ skin is made thicker to reinforce durability for these giant gel boobs, and it reduces jiggliness.

The Verdict

BW82 front viewe

Considering buying this doll?

The size of this doll is truly astounding and stands out as a rare example of an imbalanced, out-of-the-real-world anatomical yet erotic design.

Its unique proportions defy traditional standards, creating a visually striking and erotically captivating aesthetic.

This big doll pushes the boundaries of what is considered conventional, offering an exciting and adventurous experience for those seeking something beyond the ordinary.

With its extraordinary size, this doll is sure to leave a lasting impression and fulfill the desires of size fetishes.

The jiggliness and LHP on this doll may look mediocre, but they work for their purpose with good quality. It’s rare to find a branded doll of such size & weight with a relatively affordable price.

You may want to Check out this SBBW Torso Doll BW82

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